Jerrycans 5L UN white (with black closure)

Jerrycan UN


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  • Pack of 10 items (*)
  • Pack of 60 items (*)
  • Pallet of 252 items

Data sheet

Opening (mm) Din 51
Height (mm) 255
Length (mm) 185
Width (mm) 140
Capacity (L) 5
Item Weigth (gr) 287
Color White
Cap/Accessory Black cap

More info

Jerrycans 5L UN white (with black closure)

The jerrycan is part of a wide range of standard jerrycans. The can is used for the packaging of chemicals and hazardous products that need UN approval. The jerrycan is used for a wide range of products and also for food. The jerrycan is made of HDPE and is very respectful for the environment because the can is recyclable. It does not taste or smell.

The jerrycans are stackable and provide good stability. The jerrycan is easy to handle and easy to empty completely.

Model :

  • Stackable jerrycan
  • Material : HDPE
  • UN
  • Suitable for food
  • The jerrycans are supplied with a cap or an accessory

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Jerrycans 5L UN white (with black closure)

Jerrycans 5L UN white (with black closure)