Honey pails 2.5kg

Honey Pails

Gold lacquered inside & outside

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  • Pallet of 480 items

Data sheet

Diameter (mm) 130
Height (mm) 165
Capacity (ml) 1800 (2.5 kg)
Item Weigth (gr) 196
Cap/Accessory Press-in lid

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Honey pails 2.5kg

These Honey Pails are made of tinplate, they are gold lacquered inside and outside. They have a very attractive look and make perfect containers for honey, but also for candies, sauces, jam and other types of food.

They can be opened and closed many times and have a complete opening (it is thus very easy to empty them completely).

These Honey Pails are, of course, produced under compliance with food law regualtions.

Model :

  • Honey Pails
  • Material : tinplate
  • Finish : gold lacquered outside / gold lacquered inside
  • NOT suitable for water-based products
  • Honey Pails shipped with lids

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Honey pails 2.5kg

Honey pails 2.5kg