Lubricant tin jug (5L)

Tin jug for lubricant


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Data sheet

Diameter (mm) 170
Height (mm) 310
Capacity (L) 5
Item Weigth (gr) 760

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Lubricant tin jug (5L)

This tin jug has been designed for the storage and manupulation of industrial lubricants.

It has been designed for industrial environments (industry, mechanical workshop, ...). This jug is equipped with a hinge cover, an angled spout with a captive spout cap, a sturdy carrying sling and a handle. It has a double-flanged container base, welded seam and its design makes it very stable.

Model :

  • Tin jug for lubricant
  • Material : tinplate
  • NOT SUITABLE for water-based products
  • NOT SUITABLE for food products

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Lubricant tin jug (5L)

Lubricant tin jug (5L)